Mostra Coffee is an artisan micro-roasting company that sources, roasts, brews, and serves only the highest-grade specialty coffee. The word ‘mostra’ is the Italian word for show, exhibition, or performance - perfectly describing Mostra Coffee’s vision to present innovative and unique brewing experiences and flavors to their customers. Mostra was founded in 2013 by San Diego natives who noticed a lack of specialty coffee - besides large, corporate companies - in their community of Rancho Bernardo.

“There aren’t a ton of specialty coffee roasters in this neighborhood, let alone specialty coffee shops, so we are excited for everyone to come by for some freshly roasted, specialty grade coffee! It is exciting and surreal to have a business in the neighborhood we grew up in!”
Jelynn Malone, Co-Founder

The owners of Mostra desire to share their passion for coffee by serving and connecting with the neighborhood they love and grew up in. Mostra Coffee champions quality, sustainability and innovation - from the origin of their coffee beans to their roasting and brewing methods. The high standards Mostra operates with created opportunities for over 400 collaborations with craft breweries nationwide, including several local San Diego breweries.

“Mostra Coffee was made for our community, by our community. A coffee haven of sorts that welcomes not only coffee lovers of different tastes, but also beer, bourbon and food connoisseurs alike.”
Mike Arquines, Co-Founder

Saint Archer and the iconic Stone Brewery are just a few of the breweries Mostra partners with - including an annual collaboration on Stone Brewery’s holiday special, Xocoveza, nationally distributed since 2014.

Owners of Mostra Coffee.jpg

First Retail Location in Carmel Mountain Ranch

Thanks to their coffee-enthused patrons, Mostra outgrew their operation of just a couple days a week at their roasting warehouse in Carmel Mountain. On January 20th, 2018, after celebrating their 4 year anniversary, Mostra officially opened their first retail coffee shop in Carmel Mountain Ranch, proudly serving customers everyday. The warehouse (now Mostra Headquarters), which is located about 400 yards from their new store, continues to be the space where their roasting and production magic happens.

The beautiful, ‘English Industrial’ inspired design of the coffee shop showcases the first three-head, Mavam espresso machine in San Diego. True to Mostra’s name, the Mavam was built into a low bar-top to give customers the most unique, engaging and visually immersive experience of the brewing process.

Mostra Coffee was founded by Beverly Magtanong, Jelynn Sophia Malone, Mike Arquines, Sam Magtanong, and RJ Ocubillo in 2013.