Written by Darlene Horn for Zagat:

Mostra Coffee is about more than just beans. This San Diego roaster — known for fair trade coffee beans sourced from mountains in the Philippines — has a Rancho Bernardo warehouse that acts as a buzzy coffee shop, open only on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9 AM until 2 PM.

The unusual operating hours haven't stopped fans of Mostra from stopping by and grabbing the crème brulee latte ($4.50), one of the roaster's popular signature drinks. To make it, steamed milk is combined with a double shot of Fortissimo espresso that has hints of dark chocolate, molasses and citrus. It’s the torched sugar on top that puts this drink-turned-dessert over the top, though. It’s a spectacle in itself watching the propane gun heat the turbinado sugar into a hard, crystallized disk that’s broken when served. The sugar combined with espresso creates a caffeine-fueled rush with a sweet, smoky edge.

Enjoy it in Mostra’s cozy dining room or take it to go. And while you’re there, you might as well pick up a few bags of beans or a growler of cold-brewed coffee to tide you over until the next visit.

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Written by Darlene Horn for Zagat:

Crème brûlée coffee Mostra Coffee
We’re always looking beyond cold brews, pour-overs and cortados, so this Rancho Bernardo roaster naturally rises to the top with its dessert-like crème brûlée latte with hints of dark chocolate and molasses. Part of the appeal is watching the crew torch sugar on top and break it right before serving. Note it's only open on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

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Written by Darlene Horn for Zagat:

When the temps are hitting the 80s and you need a jolt of caffeine, pick up Mostra’s newest blended cold coffee, One Bra-zillion Coconuts. The line's newest cold-blended brew features the sublime taste of coconuts joined by vanilla and chocolate undertones. Imagine the taste of a Mounds candy bar drawn into a strong cup of coffee using fair-trade, single origin Brazilian beans roasted in Rancho Bernardo. It’s the second in a series of specialty cold brews, joining Cinna-Mostra Roll, a variation spiked with the essence of cinnamon. We recommend drinking it cold and straight but it’s equally delicious with cream for a little balance on a sweltering day. Find One-Bra-zillion Coconuts served on nitro at Common Theory Public House and sold by the bottle at Sprouts in Eastlake and Brothers Provisions to name a few. Visit the website for more locations.

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Written by Darlene Horn for Zagat:

This local roaster opens the doors to the public on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9 AM until 2 PM, serving as a direct sale retail shop as well as an impromptu coffee vendor. Insiders order pour overs, cold brews and espresso-based beverages using fair trade beans sourced from the Philippines. For a high-octane treat, try one of the shop's signature drinks like the Jamostra almond fudge con panna featuring a double shot of Fortissimo espresso, Chuao chocolate, honey whipped cream and shaved caramel almond.

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Written by Sara Norris for Thrillist San Diego:

Mostra was started back in 2013 by a group of old friends who were tired of having to drive half an hour to get decent coffee. Now their artisan micro-roasting company is collaborating with a list of breweries like Stone Brewing Co., Karl Strauss, Green Flash, Abnormal Beer Co., and many more. The bourbon-barrel-aged stout Mostra created with 3 Sons Brewing even won Best Beer at this year’s Hunahpu Day Beer Fest. It's only open to the public on Wednesdays and most Saturdays -- you can check it's social media channels for dates. In the mean time, you can buy Mostra's sustainable, fair-trade beans on its website and in select stores, or get bottles of its cold brew at places like Sprouts, The Cork and Craft, and Brother’s Provisions (to name a few). Bottlecraft, Common Theory Public House, and Tap Room all have Mostra’s cold brew on nitro as well.

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Written by Ian Anderson for San Diego Reader:

Carmel Mountain roaster Mostra Coffee took home a pair of trophies at the June 25 contest, Cold Brew City. Coffee enthusiasts gathered in Barrio Logan to sample cold brew served by a dozen roasters and shops from around the county. Ticketholders voted for their favorites in two categories: straight original and flavored signature takes. Mostra won first place in both.

Producing the event was San Diego Coffee Network, a coffee advocacy group whose efforts the past three years include barista competitions, brewing classes, and coffee film screenings. Founder and CEO Jessica Percifield said the contest reflected cold brew's growth in popularity nationally, and especially in our summery climate.

"I absolutely think that cold brew has become a particular focus here because of our naturally warmer temperatures," Percifield said, pointing out, "Many local roasters and cafes have their cold brew available in growler form."

Attendees ranged from coffee enthusiasts to those attracted by the concept. A couple giving their names as Ben and Jessie said they heard about Cold Brew City on ticketing site and attended out of curiosity. "We never had cold brew before today!" said Ben.

While they count themselves regular coffee drinkers, the couple said they haven't explored specialty coffee, opting instead for whatever was convenient. The cold brews they tried may have changed that. "We're going to start exploring outside of Starbucks now," Jessie insisted, "Some of these are great!"

Even guests more familiar with local coffee were exposed to something new. Kyla Mooney said, "I love coffee, and I want to know about everything that San Diego has to offer, especially with cold brew." Still, she found plenty of new shops to appreciate, including Escondido's Kettle Coffee & Tea, which took second place in the original category using a Kyoto slow-drip cold brew method and Ethiopian beans procured from San Dimas roaster Klatch Coffee.

Amanda Seimer counts herself a daily cold brew drinker. However, though she'd tried hot coffee from Coffee & Tea Collective before, this was her first experience with their cold offerings. "I didn't realize they had such a good cold brew," she said, "A lot of those are new to me… it's nice to see the full breadth of what everyone has for cold brew."

Both women gave high marks to Swell Coffee, which took second place in the signature brew category with a complex brew made from bourbon barrel-aged beans from Mexico's Finca Zacamitla.

Mostra established its business with cold brew, marketing it in bottles and contributing to beer collaborations with more than two dozen craft breweries. It won the contest with its original Brazilian cold brew, and flavored Brazillion Coconuts. Accepting first place trophies, Mostra cofounder and roaster Mike Arquines offered humble encouragement to the entire San Diego coffee community.

"Last time I read, we were number six in the nation in terms of coffee," Arquines said, "We're climbing. Just give it a few of years and we'll get up to top three, easy."

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Try a cold brew at this local artisan micro-roasting company that sources, roasts, brews, and serves premium, fair-trade specialty coffee. "MOSTRA." The Italian word for 'show,' 'exhibition,' or 'performance,' dedicated to giving the best performance, from the quality of coffee beans, to the way they roast, brew, and serve their customers.

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