From seed to cup, we are committed to providing the very best:


Our green beans come from the best farms in the world.  Each hand-picked lot is carefully cupped before every purchase to ensure that we get the highest quality bean from each origin of coffee.


From green to brown, coffee goes through a dramatic transformation.  Understanding this process, in combination with the knowledge of bean origin, technique, style, equipment, and a passion for our craft, allows us to create a high quality product for our customers.   Our San Franciscan roasting machines combine artisan craftsmanship with the latest roasting technology.


Characteristics of a coffee are highlighted in different ways depending on its brewing method.  We take the time to brew each coffee through the various methods to ensure that our customers are experiencing each coffee at their maximum potential.



It isn’t just about coffee that tastes good, it’s also about coffee that does good.  From our local communities to the at-origin communities we are connected to world-wide, we strive to build a sustainable business that provides a social, economical, and environmental benefit for all involved.



We are innovators.  From tea infused coffees to barrel aged beans, we are fueled by creativity.  We value the traditional craft of artisan roasting and brewing, but we aim to combine those traditions with other methods and techniques that only enhance the overall coffee experience.



We will connect, build, and inspire our communities through quality, sustainable, and innovative coffee.